2023 4th International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (ICAMME 2023)



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Prof. Dr. Roham Rafiee, Faculty of New Science & Technologies, University of Tehran, Iran
Research Area: Finite Element Analysis; Design and analysis of composite structures; Mechanics of composite materials; Modeling and simulation of Nanocomposites; Stochastic analysis; Strategic planning; Technology transfer coordination

Speech Title:   On The Development Industrial-scale Composite Pipes

Roham received his PhD in 2010 in Mechanical Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology with a specialization on Nanocomposites. He has completed his MSc and BSc studies both in the general field of composite materials and structures. He began his industrial experience in different sectors including wind turbines, composite pipes, strategic planning and technology transfer projects since 2000. He joined the University of Tehran in 2011 as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies, where he founded the Composites Research Laboratory (COMRESLAB). He is a member of several graduate student thesis advisory committees and also collaborating with universities worldwide including the University of Weimar (Germany), UPM (Malaysia) and etc. He has been promoted to the level of Associate Professor after four years in 2015. Then, after 5 years, he was promoted to the level of Full Professor with unanimous approval of all evaluating committee members.

He has published 80 journal papers (indexed by ISI organization), 67 international conference papers and four chapters in four different books in Woodhead publishing, Springer, Taylor and Francis and World academic publishing. He has also published a book entitled as "Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymers: From Nanoscale to Macroscale" in Elsevier. He registered three patents in the field of nanocomposites and composite structures. He is also included in the list of highly cited researchers announced by Stanford University in 2020. Roham has also registered a US patent in the field of nanocomposites in 2021.
He is expert in: Finite Element Analysis; Design and analysis of composite structures; Mechanics of composite materials; Modeling and simulation of Nanocomposites; Stochastic analysis; Strategic planning; Technology transfer coordination.


Prof. Dr. Gao Pan, Shanghai Maritime University

Research Area: Ocean Engineering

Speech Title: Mechanical Analysis of Offshore Bonded Composite Hose

Dr. Gao Pan is an Associate Professor in Ocean Engineering at Shanghai Maritime University and the vice director of Research Center of Ocean Engineering and Technology. His work includes the structural analysis of offshore pipelines and cables, and the interaction between offshore structures and soil. Past research projects have included predictions of the mechanical behavior of bonded offshore hose, responses of risers to internal solitary wave, anchor-soil-pipeline interaction, the punch-through potential of jack-up spudcans in stiff-over-soft soils, and jetting effects on the spudcan extraction. He has been in charge of one NSFC program, one national key laboratory open program and more than 10 other projects. He also participated in 3 National programs and several other projects. He is the reviewer of several international journals including Ocean Engineering, Ships and Offshore Structures and Journal of Marine Science and Engineering.

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Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Sanghi,  Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Research Area: Turbulence, CFD, Non linear Dynamics, Chaos, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

Speech Title:  Application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Problems

Sanjeev Sanghi is Professor and Chair of the Applied Mechanics Department at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Having obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from I.I.T. Kanpur, he worked with John Lumley in turbulence modelling for his M.S. from Cornell University. He got his Ph.D. from the Levich Institute of the City College of City University of New York. He has been a recipient of the Ralph Boliagno award for being the most distinguished Teaching assistant at Cornell University and the Excellence in Teaching Award at I.I.T. Delhi. He was Member, Board of Governors, Head Educational Technology and Dean Alumni Affairs and International programmes at IIT Delhi. As Dean Alumni Affairs he set up a Global 1 Billion Dollars Alumni Endowment Fund for IIT Delhi. Currently he is the Head of Applied Mechanics Department at IIT Delhi, where he has spearheaded a new B. Tech. programme in Engineering and Computational Mechanics.

He is recognized globally for work on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD), Chaos and Low Dimensional Modelling, Development of New Discretization Schemes in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Modelling of Turbulent Flows. He has applied POD to near wall turbulent flows, rotating flows with natural convection and flows in a square duct. His work on outflow boundary condition for unsteady flows in open domains for incompressible flows demonstrates a novel way to reduce domain size in open flows. He has also developed a new upwinding scheme for compressible flows which is more efficient than the existing schemes.

Through a series of works, he has established the phenomena of supression of turbulence with an increase in heat transfer for configurations like channel flow and rotating flows in confined cavities. He has been Invited to deliver lecture on these topics in more than 30 universities in Asia, Europe, Africa, USA, South America and Australia. He is acclaimed to be one of the best teachers at IIT Delhi and has won distinguished teaching awards from IIT Delhi, Cornell University and C.V. Kapur Foundation. He has co-authored the recent version of Beer and Johnston texts on Vector Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials.

In 2008, he helped set up a collaborative distance education M. Tech. with Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia with transmission of classes taught by Professors at IIT Delhi to Ethiopia by video conferencing. He was invited as a visiting professor to University of Sussex, UK in 2007-2008. He has held several administrative positions at IIT Delhi including Member, Board of Governors, Head, Educational Technology Centre. Co-ordinator, QIP and CEP, Chairman, Faculty Forum and Convenor for the interdisciplinary group on Transportation Research, TRIPP. His youtube channel Sanghi-Lab-IITD is very popular and has his recordings on full course lectures on Fluid Mechanics, Engineering mechanics and Mechanice portion of High School Physics. 

Sanjeev SanghiSanjeev Sanghi